Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa

The new series of footballers’ cartoons is the story of a primary schoolgirl whose thoughts and desires come from his love for football. The 11-year-old Subbaja O’Zaza started playing soccer from childhood, while soccer was just a recreational sport for most of his age-old college knowledge, becoming a major concern for him. Subbasa moves to pursue her cousin with her mother to Nankatsu City, which is famous for her successful teams of schools. But although Subbaja is the best in his former team, but in Nankatsu there are many rivals that make the subbasas all their abilities and talents necessary so that they can separate themselves from the rest. He not only looks at new competitors, but also finds new friends. Like a beautiful girl named Sanai Ekazava and a talented goalkeeper named Gonzoo Vakabayashi who, like Subbasa, is passionate about football, and continues to help Subbaza to progress and go to her dreams.


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